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Sure, knowing how to recognize bad TOEFL® Speaking habits means saving a ton of time and money and frustration...but actually knowing how to confidently own and manage your own TOEFL Speaking preparation...well that's priceless.

This free course will teach you the essential elements of what it takes to earn a perfect TOEFL Speaking score so you can earn the score of your dreams to start living the life of your dreams.

How does it work? Every day I email you a complete lesson and:

- you learn a new way to approach each of the 4 speaking questions 

- you learn exactly how to answer each question

- you learn how to use My Speaking Score to get data 

- you know your TOEFL Speaking score every step of the way

- you walk away with supreme confidence 

CAUTION: This course presumes you know something about the TOEFL and TOEFL Speaking. If you are a beginner, best to search for introductory material on ETS's website and on Youtube. Come back when you're ready!

About My (Perfect) Email Course

Hi! John here. I'm a TOEFL Speaking coach and teacher trainer.

I've been teaching TOEFL strategies for 15 years. I've worked with 000s of learners all over the globe. And do you know what students respond to?

Fast results.

"If you are the type of person who says "Just show me how to get a high TOEFL Speaking score!" then this course is for you." - K, Pharmacist

It's perfect.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who doesn't like to take action - best you skip it. 

Not an English class.

You need to know that this course has very little to do with "improving your English skills" - this course is about showing you how to apply specific tactics to earn a perfect score on the TOEFL Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT. 

The English skills we work on are only those that influence your TOEFL Speaking score. 

Nothing else matters.

Text: Perfect TOEFL Speaking

John Healy's 85-page e-Book does a "deep dive" into the inner workings of ETS's SpeechRater™ scoring engine and shows you how Key Performance Indicators like Speaking Rate and Vocabulary Diversity are overlooked by most students, and how to leverage data and quantitative thinking to optimize how you approach TOEFL Speaking.

Tool: Perfect-sized Lessons

You're busy. Therefore, each lesson is designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes. Each day, you will learn ONE powerful new tactic you can use right away to start delivering high-scoring TOEFL Speaking responses. Learn the theory and put it into practice. Every single lesson is fluff-free and designed to get you results - fast.

Technology: My Speaking Score

The world's premiere, affordable, and totally reliable speech assessment engine is at your fingertips. You get started with a free account so you can see exactly which of the 12 speaking dimensions are holding you back from achieving your dream score - and what to do to identify and overcome your most stubborn speaking problems.

Trainer: John Healy

The email lessons are written by John Healy, author of Perfect TOEFL Speaking, and founder of My Speaking Score, the world's #1 online platform with tests, tools, and training for TOEFL Speaking teachers and students. John's lessons have helped 000s of students earn outrageously high TOEFL scores, and he is passionate about helping you.